iMomokoHello beauties!  Recently I was invited to attend the Imomoko and Refa blogger event.  It was a wonderful afternoon of socializing and hearing about the launch of the new Refa CARAT tool.  It was extremely interesting learning about the Refa tool and it’s benefits.  The ReFa CARAT’s unique massaging action works deep within your skin.  The spherical drainage rollers help stimulate blood flow and improve circulation.   View Post

This is something that has been on my mind quite a bit lately, I’ve questioned what am I doing in the blogging/vlogging world is it time to shut down or keep on going?  It’s been over a year that I made my entry into the vlogging world and overall I have received so much good from it all.  I have made so many friends and contacts and I am extremely grateful for that.   View Post

Ahh…I love beauty events! I can’t help but to check Nordstrom’s event schedule on a regular basis to see what kind of spectacular events are coming up.  In fact, because I went out to the Smashbox event last weekend I had to keep myself from going to the Nars event they had this past weekend featuring their celeb makeup artist Uzo…sob…

In any event, Smashbox periodically has these wonderful events where for a $75 reservation fee applicable to your product purchase, you are able to attend the event have your full makeup done (45 minute session), and be whizzed off to a mini photo session with Smashbox’s own fashion and editoral photographer Steven Khan.  In addition, you are given ALL of the photos on a CD for your own personal use.  Now that’s a super deal! For those of you familiar with professional photography, obtaining the actual digital copies of your photos can get pretty pricey.

I actually planned far in advance for this event when I realized that I missed this amazing opportunity to have my photos done by Steven at the Birchbox and Smashbox event back in September.  After the Birchbox party, photos that Steven took at the event were floating around on twitter and blogs and I sulked around sad that I missed this opportunity.  I took it upon myself to contact the Smashbox counter and asked when he’d be shooting again and when I found out I booked immediately. What was even better was my best friend and I were able to have a nice photo taken of us together.

As well, with the holidays around Smashbox had discounted their holiday sets for this event so there were some pretty amazing deals going on that day.

I walked away with over 100 images, however, there were only a handful that came out really well.  Here are the photos from the event. Enjoy!

Posing for the camera 🙂
This one was probably my favorite shot
My best friend and I

I know my blog has been severly neglected.  Admittedly I have spent the bulk of my spare time working on growing my YouTube beauty channel.  I feel like I am so behind on everything going on in my life.  Oh well, such is life.  Please check out my channel:

I had the wonderful opportunity to go to a Smashbox Master Class at Nordstrom the first weekend of November.  My best friend and I trekked over to Nordstrom super excited.  The purpose of this class was to teach the basics of applying makeup correctly.  Although I believe I am pretty well versed in that, I receieved a lot of benefit in learning more about the Smashbox products specfically.  The class was in a closed off location at Nordstrom and we had a small class of about 8 or so people.  There was 1 makeup artist to two students.  We had a gorgeous and fabulously funny Smashbox artist/trainer Laura that guided us through a step by step process of creating a look.  We were supplied a full set of Smashbox brushes, which I have to admit were simply amazing, to help create our look.  In addition, the dedicated Smashbox artist custom picked products for us to use based on our skin type and skin tone.  This was a  hands on event where you really had the opportunity to ask as many questions as you’d like and get as much help as you need.  I would highly recommend this to anyone who is learning the basics of makeup or who’d like to learn more about the Smashbox line.  To a reserve a spot in the class a $50 deposit was required, however, the $50 will be applied to your product purchase-not a bad deal at all.  In fact, I took that credit and purchased a super awesome holiday value set that I have been extremely excited about.  Check out the pictures below:

The fabulous spread of beauty tools and products!
 Yay! We’re done! Photo Op with the wonderful Smashbox artist/trainer Laura
 Awesome value set that I HIGHLY recommend-enough products to give you a good flavor of the Smashbox line
 My friend Clare – the finished look 🙂
 My seat
 Bare faced and waiting for the fun to start
Laura in action showing us how to shape brows-her reference to brows: “They are not twins, more like sisters…” lol..
Thanks so much for reading! Anyone get any good holiday sets? Would love to hear what your favorite holiday finds are!

A couple of months ago a friend of mine Mayra who is a makeup artist connected me with a close friend of hers, Kevianno Guerrero, an amazing Dior National Celebrity Makeup artist.  We had a few conversations on the phone about makeup and he peaked my interest in trying out Dior. I had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours chatting it up with him while he meticulously did my makeup.  It was an amazing experience and for those of you who love makeup, I can’t begin to tell you how awesome it is to be around someone who talks about makeup in ways that I haven’t even thought of before.  He is a true artist who understands color theory in depth and being able to mix colors to come up with beautiful looks.  To give you an idea of Kevianno’s experience with makeup, he did tell me that he launched the MAC Cosmetics line in the US back in the early nineties-I was crazy impressed with this as I am a HUGE MAC fan.  I don’t recall exactly how many years he spent working with MAC but I know it’s well over ten.  He does editoral and countless red carpet events and to say that I know him and I am friends with him is quite an honor.

Check out his Facebook page:

Here are a few pictures from the evening.

Kevianno and I – The finished look very natural
Close up of eyes – No flash
Close up of eyes – Flash
One thing I definitely noticed about his work is simply the handling of the brushes, the feathery strokes and the attention to detail on blending and marrying different colors together.
  The palette he used on my eyes – Dior Night Dusk 790