I have to admit, I am a summer girl.  I love everything about summer, the weather, the activities, vacations, fashion and even nail polish.  I am not one who really follows seasonal trends in polish, I wear whatever color I feel like.  However, in order to get myself excited about fall I picked up a few new polishes to kick off the season.  I’ve been addicted to buying nail polish lately so these are only a few, stay tuned for a whole lot more. View Post

Ok, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, however, going forward I plan on posting on a regular basis.  I promise 🙂  I pretty much took the summer off to focus on family and now I am recharged and ready to go.  As you can tell, I have revamped my blog.  Please be patient as I am still work on tweaking the formatting but it’s finally somewhat presentable. View Post

Sorry I’ve been so MIA lately.  Between trying to manage my YouTube channel, Facebook and Twitter, it seems like I can never keep up and unfortunately my blog has been terribly neglected.  It seems easier for me to update my Facebook page more frequently.  I have been taking quite a bit of pictures of things, so I am going to attempt to play catch up on here.

With spring upon us I have gotten really into spring nail polishes.  To be perfectly honest I have been OBSESSED with nail polish lately.  I wanted to share some of my favorite colors I’ve been wearing lately.

Essence (mint green) in the color “You Belong To Me” with Confetti “Ice Ice Baby”
Greens seem to be really in right now.  I have been obsessed with Essence nail polish and even better they are only $.99 at Ulta!
Essence “A Lovely Secret” with CND “Sapphire Sparkle” on top
This lovely blue based purple is such a fun color with a hint of sparkle on top!
 Revlon “Flirt”
Such a pretty girly pink that really just “pops” out at you! Love this color!
Sally Hansen “Lively Lilac”
I am absolutely in love with this color, this plummy lavender color is just screaming spring to me!

Essie “Pink A Boo”
This is a lovely soft pale pink with a touch of iridescent sparkle
Also used a Konad stamp on my nail-I’ve been recently obsessed with nail stamping!

I also have a few orange/peach/coral nail polishes that are in my queue to try out.  Coral also seems to be a big hit this season too.  What colors are you guys enjoying this spring?
Hope you had a great weekend.  And again, apologies for being so absent on my blog I plan on playing catch up soon.  I also have a fun blog giveaway coming up this week to so stay tuned!
As well, I post more on my YouTube cannel and Facebook page so stop on by there and say hi sometime!

I discovered Seche Vite a little over ten years ago.  I had my nails done at the salon next to when I lived and the manicurist used Seche Vite and I was in love ever since.  I am a nail polish junkie and through all my findings I had never experienced a top coat that was quite as glossy that left your nails feeling glass-like.  Just simply luxurious.  And your nails feel dry unbelievably quick.  Until I tried Deborah Lippman’s Addcited To Speed….

Let me backtrack a little here, earlier last year I started becoming increasingly concerned about this whole 3 Free nail polish thing.  For those of you who are not sure what that means it means the polish is free of Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde and Toluene-chemicals that are known to be harmful.  Now to what extent of damage they can do is a little unknown still, but for me I wanted to be a little “greener” in general.  AND to top it off, I guess I haven’t been reading labels like I should but Seche Vite clearly marks on the bottle, “WARNING! This product contains a chemical known in the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.”  Admittedly I had used Seche Vite throughout both of my pregnancies and both of my little girls appear to be completely healthy but going forward I wanted to eliminate chemicals and toxins as much as I can.  I didn’t think I could give up Seche Vite until I found Deborah Lippman’s Addicted to Speed….

Now, you can argue with me that it is twice as expensive as Seche Vite at $20 a bottle.  But….for those of you who are loyal users of Seche Vite, you know as well as I do how hard it is to finish a bottle of Seche Vite without it getting unbelieveably thick and goopy to the point that you just toss it out.  I know that Seche Vite sells some type of thinner you can add to the bottle but I found it ridiculous that you have to purchase an additional product to make your current one last longer.  Plus I am sure the thinner works fine but I have this mental block that makes me think when you add something to polish you are somehow messing with the integrity and performance of the polish itself.  I know wierd, but that’s just me.  I have the bottles to prove it, here are my bottles that I accumulated that are unfinished because they got too thick.  I threw them away as soon as I found Deborah Lippman.

In addition, I tried a few of the Sally Hansen top coats and didn’t feel like they performed quite as well as Seche Vite did.

Deborah Lippman is definitely on the pricier side of nail polishes, however, so many of the colors are unique and I am all for healthier nail polish.  I started using the Deborah Lippman topcoat in October so I can’t say yet if i am going to have the thickness problem that I had with Seche Vite.

It’s worth a try, if you purchase it at Nordstrom you can always take it back no questions asked just keep the box with the return sticker on it.  Hope this helps!

Also for those who are curious about what polishes are 3 Free here is a post I found, I am sure there is something more updated but this answered most of my concerns/questions.


So yet again I have another Zoya NOTD.  Wow, I just ordered 6 more Zoya polishes a few days ago and I am so tempted to order 2 of their Mylar fleck effect polishes.  I have my eye on Maisie and Chloe.  I have seen swatches on other blogs so google the collection to find a blog swatch because I thnk it’ll help a lot making your decision.  Check out the colletion on Zoya’s site:

Zoya Fleck Effect Mylar Hollographic Spring 2012 Collection

Here is a picture of the color Marley I had on today.  I really didn’t have good lighting today and my first picture doesn’t do the color any justice as it’s a little brighter lilac than the picture below shows.

So I threw a filter on Instagram and it brightened the color up, however, in true life the actual color is probably something in the middle of the two pictures.

Hope you are having a great Wednesday! Has anyone else found any great Zoya colors that they’ve fallen in love with?