Profile WB
I’ve made a blogging comeback! I began my blogging journey back in 2011, while I was searching for skincare help for horrible acne that I suffered due to crazy hormones and a miscarriage. During this difficult time the blogging world became an outlet for me-from there my beauty blog was born. Blessed with another pregnancy and a little extra time on my hands I grew my YouTube channel Pixemama5000. Post baby and a new mom of three I found it extremely challenging to maintain the beauty channel while trying to figure out life with our new family addition. Sleep deprived and spread thin, wearing makeup everyday became nearly impossible, which is why the beauty blog got quiet.

In 2013 once I was got my “groove” back I ramped up my running and racing.  To date I have complete (1) full marathon (11) half marathons and (5) sprint triathlons.  As well, I cross train on a regular basis.  I love anything fitness!  In addition I love experimenting in finding healthy foods that I enjoy and that my family can enjoy as well.

I always joke around that I am the “Jack of all trades, master of none.” I am in love with anything sparkly and pretty.  As well, I consider myself a huge DIYer and I have lots to share about my journey as a mom of 3 trying to keep our family running smoothly and keep my sanity! I hope you enjoy reading.